Indianapolis Classical Schools

Indianapolis Classical Schools (ICS) is a community of two A-rated high schools – Herron High School and Riverside High School, and our new Herron Preparatory Academy, serving Kindergarten - Grade 2, adding a grade each year to become K-8. ICS shares a unified vision and mission setting a new standard for educational excellence in Central Indiana.

Diverse. Tuition-Free. College Prep.

Indianapolis Classical Schools is a community of scholars that advances timeless ideas and content, builds a culture of respect and trust, and engages in an urban environment in order to prepare students to be world-class citizens.

We are founded on the belief that a classical, liberal arts education, where students are steeped in great historical thought and invention, is the best preparation for a future life of leadership and service. We are structured around an art history timeline which emphasizes the classic art and literature of many cultures.

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Transformational Education

Indianapolis Classical Schools (ICS) is one community of two A-rated high schools – Herron High School and Riverside High School, and the newly established K-8, Herron Preparatory Academy – with one board of directors and a unified vision and mission. ICS is led by the same committed individuals who founded and built Herron High School to become one of the state’s best public high schools.

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Our Values
Our Core Values are foundational to the Indianapolis Classical Schools community. They define our community, are central to our mission, and guide the behavior and decisions of students, faculty, and administration.
Indianapolis Classical Schools...
engages in urban community.
Indianapolis Classical Schools...
believes that every student is a scholar.
Indianapolis Classical Schools...
advances timeless ideas and content.
Indianapolis Classical Schools...
serves as a catalyst for renewal.
Indianapolis Classical Schools...
builds a culture of respect & trust through relationships with people & ideas.
Our Board of Directors
Adrian Miller
Board Treasurer
Brenda Roper
Board Member
Carolyn Mosby
Board Member
Caryl West
Board Member
Daniel Roy
Board Secretary
Dave Sternberg
Board Member
David Steele
Board Member
John Watson
Board Chair
Joanna Taft
Board Chair Emeritus
Keith Steiner
Board Member
Livia Russell
Board Member
Mark Nottingham
Board Vice Chair
Mary Ann Sullivan
Board Member
Meggie Dials
Board Member
Miguel Rodriguez
Board Member
Mindy Cunningham
Board Member
Patrick Chittenden
Board Member
William McWhirter
Board Member
Indianapolis Classical Schools Board of Directors and Advancement